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    September 2011 : Costa Rica : Pura Vida !

    We were told lots of negative things about Costa Rica (full of Yankees, sky-high prices and so one) but we were really positively surprised. I’d say that the country was quite affordable and finally the nature was really amazing.

    Eventually, the accommodation was simply a bit more expansive and even we could hit some really great deals. Only the food was fairly pricier but it was still reasonable.

    It’s fairly reported that the nature is astounding in Costa Rica and I can totally agree with that. Eventually there is not more wildlife to spot but it’s perhaps easier to see it.

    Firstly, we went to La Fortuna to see the volcano Arena and his lagoon. Till recently the volcano’s been in activity but it’s seemed having reduced it for one year. Nevertheless, the volcano views on the lagoon are absolutely delighting and the volcano has a perfect cone and it’s really lovely and impressive.

    Then afterwards, we headed for Tortugero on the Caribbean coast. The place is unique on its own because it’s a kind of little island flanked on one side by the Pacific Ocean and but on the other side by some wild rivers and the tropical rainforest so we can sail with some lanchas to visit the rivers and it’s really packed with lots of different kind of animals (crocodile, tropical birds, monkeys, spiders, tropical snakes…). But Tortugero it’s mainly famous for being one of the best spot to see tortoises coming there to lay their eggs. 4 out of 6 world renowned species of giant tortoises lay their eggs in Tortugero. For us it’s definitively a must see.

    We did one tour to spot the tortoise and it was great (even if I keep on thinking that they could have organized Tour less touristy and more natural that what they usually do – but unfortunately it’s getting so hard being able to spot wildlife on your own and by yourself).

    Afterwards, we went to Manuel Antonio national Park: gorgeous beaches and a bunch of crazy monkeys. The park is located on the Pacific coast. Really lovely and interesting.  

    Then finally we went to Corcovado which is reported to be one of the best place in the world to spot tropical birds, jaguar, ocelot and so one. We did some wonderful walks and saw some beautiful beaches ever.

    September 2011 : Panama : Freed since 1999

    You can’t visit Panama without being interested in the fabulous history of its canal.

    It’s absolutely true that the canal is really a wonder and changed probably the face of the world trade.

    The dark side was certainly the role of the North American presence in the area and how they have sustained a kind of fake revolution that ended in a declaration of independence of Panama in their relation with Columbia (Panama was previously a part of Columbia). As soon as those “revolutionaries” proclaimed the independence of Panama, the US recognized it in order of being there to be ready to buy the canal. That’s what they did and that’s how they stayed there until 1999.

    Fortunately Panama has been now able to run his business since then and it seems to be a success story.

    In panama, we saw Bocas del Toro (awful because too gringonized) and Panama was a really interesting town. The old Casco Viejo is specially very beautiful and interesting. There is there such an atmosphere a bit like in la Habana (pero no hay lugar que podemos comparar con la Habana qua les la luz de Centro America).

    We were in a nice hostel where lots of very friendly people (it’s was a bit like living in the “One million hotel” by Wim Wenders –sure you should know it).

    So we are still keep in on going to Columbia and trying as much as possible to get out of the beaten tracks to get to the real.

    Esperamos que en America del Sur vamos a vivir con una gente que esta  mas preoccupado  en su propia historia y creo que va a ester el cas.

    Vaya con suerte !

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    Vendredi 17 Février 2012 à 20:35
    I wonder, does anyone ever read this journal?
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